Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Diversity Teach-In

Tomorrow, all of our classes have been cancelled, so that we can attend a diversity teach-in. There will be a bunch of classes on different subjects and how they interact with diversity. This teach-in has been met with disgust from many students, as well as approval from others. I thought I'd share this post from the Simon's Rock blog on the issues, as the comments are fairly interesting.



Judi said...

Wrote a lengthy comment at the office today, then was unable to post it.

So, try, try again.

After skimming through your attachment, it sounds like something is needed -- will be interested to hear what was done today.

In April, Keith and Bonnie are going to Hollins College in VA, Darci's Alma Mater, for a diversity day funded by the Darci Ellis Godhard Tolerance and Justice Fund (or something like that), which they set up in her memory at the college. Will be interested to see how that compares to what you are doing today at S's Rock. I believe a major focus at Hollins will be tolerance of gays and other races. Sometimes sounds like at the Rock, there is more tolerance for traditionally excluded groups, and less for conservatives, right-to-lifers, religious, etc. Makes me think of the issues faced by the library board when we had a librarian who was buying mostly conservative religious books -- and our very liberal regulations said the board was not to interfere with the book choices of the librarian. As I recall, she moved south before we dealt with it.

Anyway, will look forward to hearing how the day went!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 6:58:30 PM  

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