Thursday, June 22, 2006

Took a bus, walked around

  1. Leave the office in 90-degree heat, pick up bag at hotel.
  2. Un-airconditioned subway to Penn Station.
  3. Train to Newark airport station.
  4. Monorail to terminal.
  5. Check bag, since it's too big to carry on.
  6. After long wait in hot terminal, load up Continental 3180, a half-full flight to Nantucket.
  7. Sit on tarmac for an hour.
  8. Next in line for takeoff.
  9. Plane pulls out of line into penalty box.
  10. Another hour of sitting.
  11. Flight cancelled due to "weather on Nantucket".
  12. Operatives on site confirm that weather is fine on Nantucket, and planes are observed landing well past what would have been CO 3180's arrival time.
  13. Takes 45 minutes to get rebooked on tomorrow's 5pm flight. Continental won't pay for hotel since "weather" caused the cancellation.
  14. Guy in line reports that he's been on all three Nantucket flights today, all of which have been cancelled. Continental may not actually fly to Nantucket.
  15. Make plans to share cab to Manhattan with lovely young lady from flight. Figure I can regroup at the Courtyard and catch a flight on a real airline from La Guardia tomorrow. Things looking up.
  16. Checked bag is in "secure" area of Newark airport, cannot be obtained until 7am tomorrow, and will not be forwarded if I don't pick up. So I am stuck with the clothes on my back and at the Newark airport. Make reservation with the airport Spring Hill Suites.
  17. Monorail to hotel pickup location.
  18. Wait outside for hotel bus. Did I mention it's 90 degrees and I'm in my full work clothes?
  19. Bus to hotel.
  20. No room service at hotel. Front desk doesn't know any restaurants that deliver. Eat Tony's (a.k.a. Schwann's) frozen individual pizza from hotel pantry for dinner and think of home.

I have no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow. Maybe wait for the Nantucket flight, maybe bug out to Boston. Decisions are better left to when I'm rested and rehydrated. Just wanted to vent while I had the chance.


Judi said...

Uhh, you could fly to Wyoming and spend the week-end traveling in Tillie with the Grossmanns . . .

Do you think Continental just cancels bec. of being half full, or is half full bec. of it's canceling record??? I mean, it should be a primo week-end for flying to Nantucket!

Hope today's a better day!

Friday, June 23, 2006 7:32:40 AM  

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